Our mission

For almost 50 years, AGRO-AERO 2000 has been dedicated to serving all your general aviation needs.  Whether you are new to aviation or you are an experienced pilot looking to attain advanced training, you can find a friendly and professional Certified Flight Instructor at our EASA Approved Training Organization to guide you.  In addition to offering flight training in virtually every type and class of general aviation aircraft, we have a team of EASA Certified Mechanics that can address your aircraft maintenance and repair needs.

Our flight training students run the entire range of possibilities.  Our experience in training students from all walks of life enables us to tailor our instruction program to suit each individual.  We’ve trained high school students, college students, doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and entrepreneurs to just name a few examples.  In short, if you have an interest in learning to fly, we can and would love to have the opportunity to help you achieve your goal.
We only take on as many students as we can handle at any given time and we have our own fleet of training aircraft.  We maintain and repair our own aircraft and apply the highest standards in doing so.  This enables us to accommodate your busy schedule and avoid unnecessary delays in completing your training due to aircraft unavailability, aircraft maintenance, or an overbooked instructor.